Frequently Asked Questions

Who we work with

We work with small businesses who have been established for a minimum of 2 or more years. By that time, many have realized that branding and online presence are critical areas of business that can dramatically accelerate growth if they're serious about it. Our areas of expertise include Real Estate and other service-based businesses.

What we build websites with

Although we've worked with many platforms in the past, we now use Webflow exclusively for the development of our website designs. Webflow has a clean and user-friendly editing dashboard and an excellent content management system to make things easy on busy business owners. There is a very low learning curve for those who wish to make only minor edits to text and images on their website and leave the rest to us.

Types of websites we create

Small business websites

Marketing websites

Portfolio websites

Blog websites

Hourly work and one-off's

Hourly work is typically only done for established clients. We prioritize clients who currently have us on retainer, followed by clients we've worked well with in the past.

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