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Carly Glander

Carly Glander
founder / Designer

I'm so happy you're here.

I'm Carly, the founder of CGDL and a sort of unicorn who both designs and develops websites. This magic is due to some amazing modern design tools and my understanding of both form and function. Throughout my life, I could never have one without considering the other.

Usually you'd have to hire separately for design and web development, but bringing these two together for you is one of my best abilities. This concept of balance is at the heart of my business, and it's no accident that balance is also the design principle I hold most sacred.

CG Design Lab was created to help small businesses connect authentically with clients and customers.

It wasn't enough to be asked to create designs that had little to do with the client's brand or customers. Design, by nature, isn't arbitrary. However, in my graphic design jobs, my position was being regarded more like a job in decoration and client-pleasing than creating masterful beauty that solves a problem. This wasn't helping anyone, so I struck out on my own with an intuitive sense of how I wanted to help small businesses get better help with my skillset and interests. I've always had a big heart for businesses, their owners and founders, and the entire ecosystem of business, so it seemed to be the right path. Turns out, it is.

There are many parts of the process that you'll see and many that you won't see behind the scenes that make a brand and website come together. From strategy and sketches to design software and project management, I make sure my clients are taken care of with all the right steps.

Who we are...

From time to time, my studio partners with other design professionals for a comprehensive approach to solutions for our clients' projects. Sometimes it's a "we," and sometimes it's just me, so I'm never really sure how to approach this part, but hey, we get the job done well! I also have two delightfully fluffy assistants called Ash and Ben who help keep my stress levels in check. I suppose I'll count them as "we," too.

Wishing you the best in business,

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“What a refreshing experience to receive such a professional product and support from a kind, helpful and considerate business woman."

– Luis Ortiz, Murrieta Springs Christian Academy
"We worked with Carly to help us get on the right track. She is creative, professional and a pleasure to work with."

– Matt & Audrey Sherman, Myrtle Creek Vineyards
"Carly is an awesome designer... Great combination of design, balance, beauty and art. She always delivers."

– Tula Trigonis, Owner, Salon Soma
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